Favorite Find: Magic Mushroom Powder



This week’s Favorite Find has taken a different turn. It’s not a “product,” but a fabulous seasoning salt recipe from Nom Nom Paleo. It’s Magic Mushroom Powder! And magic it is…


This DIY blend is rich in umami; a savory taste that’s now recognized as it’s own amongst sweet, salty, bitter and sour. The taste of umami occurs through “receptors specific to glutamate,” which is naturally found in fermented foods, meat broths and many vegetables (such as porcini mushrooms). However, today most people taste umami through the additive monosodium glutamate (MSG) – a flavor enhancer with possible harmful health effects (inflammation, obesity, headaches, etc.). As we have gotten further away from making our own nutrient dense foods, we have lost the natural taste of umami; until now. This is another great reason to get to work making bone broths, fermented veggies and MAGIC MUSHROOM POWDER!




Beyond the incredible flavor and versatility of Magic Mushroom Powder, I LOVE this DIY project because Nom Nom has made it as easy as possible from start to finish with a list of exactly what you need (including order links) for ingredients and tools! It’s quick to put together and the taste is beyond worth it.




Magic Mushroom Powder also makes a great gift, and Nom Nom makes this part easy too with downloadable sticker labels and order links for the perfect sized jars to divide the powder into. On the Nom Nom Paleo site it is highlighted as a great holiday gift, but it can be given anytime of year! A hostess gift, a teacher gift, a gift for the foodie on your list…




Magic Mushroom Powder can be thought of as an all-purpose seasoning salt, so have fun trying it on meat, veggies, and my favorite – eggs.




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