Favorite Find: Pork Rinds

Say what?!


Whether you call this snack “pork cracklins’,” “chicharrones,” or “pork scratchings,” we are talking about deep fried pork skin! And I love this Kettle Cooked 4505 brand.




Years ago, I NEVER would have thought that I’d be suggesting a snack with the words, deep-fried, lard, and pork-skin associated with it. But, what’s not to love about this clean brand without antibiotics, added hormones or animal by-products? Quality pork rinds are a good source of gelatin, low in carbohydrates, and support the push to appreciate our animals from head to tail.


This traditional by-product of rendering lard, is not a guaranteed safe choice. You still have to do your homework to pick a good brand. The pig skin can often be deep-fried in harmful fats (rather than lard), and contain chemical additives or preservatives, so read the ingredient list! OR, make your own…


Pork Rinds


These light, crispy, puffs are an occasional fun snack for the whole family. And you know you have a great product in your hand when the fur-babies come running at first whiff of an open bag! We don’t share with them, but they sure wish we would.



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