Favorite Find: Redmond Bath Salt Plus

Have you ever taken an epsom salt bath? Are you looking for a nightly routine to help you relax and sleep soundly? Are you deficient in magnesium or other trace minerals (as many of us are)?


Personally, I’ve dabbled with epsom salts in the past for sore muscles and the hopes of a mild, natural detoxifier. But dealing with a recent low-back issue and a desire to establish better health promoting morning and evening rituals, I’ve looked beyond your basic bath salts to one of my favorite companies, Real Salt, to find their Bath Salt Plus product.




Most epsom salts contain mineral compounds including magnesium and sulfates, which can help regulate enzymes, reduce inflammation, and promote muscle and nerve function. Redmond Bath Salts Plus is composed of more than 60 trace minerals that are absorbed through the skin to help restore deficiencies and energize the body. Most of us today lack adequate minerals due to depleted soils, environmental toxins and poor gut health. Rather than taking an oral supplement, absorption through the skin can be a more effective way to help restore such levels.


At the same time, mineral salts can help the body release toxins through the process of osmosis and because such trace minerals are important contributors in the body’s natural detox pathways. One thing I love most about this company is their emphasis on using completely safe and natural ingredients. This product is so pure they claim you could eat it.


To experience the benefits of an epsom salt bath, add 1 – 2 cups to a warm tub and soak for 12 – 20 minutes. Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil for extra relaxation and aromatherapy.




Note: I am in no way sponsored or paid by Redmond. I simply like and believe in their products.


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