Healthy Kids Tip: "Turkey" Snack

“Turkey” Time!

Here’s a fun “Thanksgiving’s almost here” snack for your kids! 
Trust me, I’m not home making snacks like this for my boys everyday, but every once in awhile it’s fun to surprise them with a special treat. What better time to make a little snack art than around Thanksgiving?! 
Here’s what I did:
• Halved a pear and scooped out the seeds
• I added a scoop of almond butter to the hole – this served two purposes: 1) it kept the “turkey body” in place on the plate and 2) it added a good source of fat and yumminess to the snack.
• I sliced up cucumbers, strawberries and all-natural (nitrate/nitrite free) salami to create the “turkey feathers” (you could use whatever veggies or fruits you want). I added the salami for a bit of protein and fat to balance out all the fruit.
• I also sliced up clementine wedges for the “turkey feet”
• I added a small dollop of almond butter to the “head” and placed two raisins, a piece of a dried apricot and a pomegranate seed to complete the “turkey’s face”
I surprised my boys when they got home from school and they LOVED it!! They were even very appreciative and grateful (fitting for the upcoming holiday).
You could also make this a fun food project to do with your kids!! Have them help you or let them create their own turkey:-)

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