My Plate: 4 Breakfasts and 4 Dinners

Here are some of my recent breakfast and dinner plates from the week. Nothing overly impressive, but in a sense, that’s my point! Paleo foods can speak for themselves in flavor, texture, smell and visual appeal. It’s been a very busy week at our house and I’m sure the weeks to come will be more of the same. With a team effort, we’ve still managed to put together well-balanced and nutrient dense meals. Most lunches consisted of dinner leftovers, so the focus here is on the original meals.


Breakfast 1:

• Uncured, nitrate/nitrite free, gluten-free kelbasa

Banana Paleo Pancakes with the addition of sweet potato puree (the air’s still warm, but the mountain leaves are turning!)

• Served over organic mixed green salad (greens, tomato and carrots from our local farm; cucumber from our garden)


Breakfast 2:

• Scrambled farm fresh pasture-raised eggs (cooked in coconut oil)

• Served over mixed organic greens and topped with homemade pesto with basil from our garden

Zucchini Berry Muffin from (zucchini from our garden)

• Organic raspberries and blueberries


Breakfast 3:

• Cinnamon Apple Chicken sausage (uncured, nitrite/nitrate free)

• Served over organic local greens

• Zucchini Berry Muffin

• Organic raspberries


Breakfast 4:

• Organic, nitrite/nitrate free, uncured bacon

• Leftover roasted sweet potatoes (cooked with coconut oil)

• Organic blueberries

• Organic cucumber

• Organic grape tomatoes


Dinner 1:

• Lamb burgers, topped with organic raw cheddar and roasted red peppers, served over organic mixed greens

• Roasted chopped sweet potato (tossed with coconut oil and sea salt and pepper)

• Sautéed zucchini and summer squash from our garden. Cooked with coconut oil and chopped chives (also from our garden).


Dinner 2:

Ginger Shrimp Curry with a couple modifications: green pepper instead of red, fresh basil from our local farm and zucchini and summer squash thrown in (we have sooooo much right now from our garden).


Dinner 3:

• Grilled flank steak over salad, topped with homemade basil pesto.


Dinner 4:

Herb Roasted Chicken: using an organic pasture-raised chicken from my husband’s cousin’s organic farm in Montana – DELICIOUS!! Topped with homemade basil pesto.

• Sauteed chard (from our garden) and mini purple onions

• Snap peas from our garden

• Sliced cucumber from our garden

• Sliced organic apple



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