My Plate: Thanksgiving Feast

Turkey Day was here!
It was a day of fun for all – including the kids – placemats to color, arts and crafts, and their cousins to play with.

One of the biggest hits of the day was these lunch-time bacon wrapped, sausage stuffed, dates! We had them at a party the week before and both my husband and I made the mental note that they would be fun to serve sometime on Thanksgiving day. We aimed for late morning to help tide our guests and ourselves over until “dinner.” The recipe comes from Sarah Fragoso’s Everyday Paleo cookbook, in which she accurately describes them as “meat candy“! 
Here’s what we did:
• Carefully sliced dates open (vertically) to remove the pits
• Stuffed them with about a Tbsp+ of raw mild pork sausage
• Used 1/2 a strip of bacon to wrap around the outside 
• And secured with a toothpick
• These little morsels were spread out on a parchment covered baking sheet and placed in a preheated oven (375) for about 40 minutes.

It was time to stuff and load the turkeys on the rotisserie! We used onions, carrots and apples to fill the cavities and lots of cooking twine to secure them on the giant skewer! 

The end product did not disappoint! The skin was perfectly crisp and the meat was incredibly moist and flavorful (definitely permeated by the rub we covered the outside with the night before).
Vanilla Bean Sweet Potato Mash is another favorite of ours at Thanksgiving time. It’s not everyday that we use real (and costly) vanilla beans, but when we do, it’s so worth it. It’s hard to imagine that those teeny tiny specks can produce such awesome flavor, but they do!
The combination of the sweet potato itself and the vanilla bean, eliminates the need for any added sugar. Along with a little organic pastured butter, a touch of organic cream and a dash of salt and pepper, this dish is a winner.

My Dinner Plate:
• A turkey drumstick, along with a little white meat
• Vanilla Bean Sweet Potato Mash
• Zesty Cranberry Sauce
• Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with crisp procuitto and lemon

Paleo Apple Crisp and Paleo Pumpkin Chiffon Pie!
Stay tuned for the apple crisp recipe.

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