School Lunch: It’s That Time Again

Back to school time!


And back into the routine of making school lunch. We have one preschooler and one headed to full day KINDERGARTEN this year!!


I had asked the boys over the weekend what they would like to take to school in their lunch this week. It always seems to get them more excited when they are involved in some way. My five year old’s response was: “Ham roll-ups with stuff inside and tied with chives, greens for veggies and blueberries.” My three year old’s response was : “Ham roll-ups, greens for veggies, blueberries, and a fruit bar” (he thinks his older brother is pretty cool). This way of eating has certainly become what they know!


They were both excited to use their new Planet Box containers and I filled them up for their first day based on their requests.

Preschool lunch day 1!

Guess he liked it!

Kindergarten lunch and snack, day 1.

Guess he liked it, too! Although he said he didn’t eat all of his cucumber “because it was a little bitter.”


This is my 5 year old’s first exposure to “school lunch” and after his first day he came home and said, “Mom, it’s a good thing you packed my lunch because otherwise I would have had to eat a corn dog! and I don’t think you would have liked that – it’s not the healthiest choice.” I can tell he’s intrigued by the food served and I’m waiting for the day he’ll ask if he can buy “school lunch.”


Here are a couple of other lunches from this week…

Lunch 2:

• Leftover Shannon’s Meatballs in tomato sauce, served over mixed salad greens and bordered with leftover roasted carrots

• ONE lonely piece of roasted farm fresh broccoli. It was all we had left because my little one loved them the night before, so he earned the token piece in his lunch

• Organic blackberries


Lunch 3:

• Leftover shredded organic pork shoulder (slow cooked), with PaleoChef Peach BBQ sauce for dipping. Served over mixed organic greens

• Sliced red bell pepper

• Sliced cucumber from the farm

• Organic raspberries



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