Thanksgiving Preparation

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and these smart wild turkeys are headed for the woods! What’s headed for your plate on this feast-centered holiday?
I know that some of my blog followers have already committed to a primal lifestyle, but many of you are newer to the concept and will have just finished a “30-day Paleo Challenge” in time for Thanksgiving. Now, before you go off the deep end, undoing much of your hard work and your body’s healing process, let’s consider the paleo-ish options for satisfying your favorite holiday tastes. Many traditional dishes have paleo-versions that are just as tasty.
Check out these great posts from some of our favorite gurus for fun paleo-friendly recipes:
Whether you are hosting a family celebration or going to celebrate at someone else’s home, try incorporating paleo-approved dishes into your repertoire. We’ve had a primal menu the last couple Thanksgivings and they’ve been amazing. Some of the typical dishes I prepare include:
• Roast turkey, or rotisserie petite-turkeys (we have a rotisserie attachment for our grill)
• Bread-less stuffing
• Sweet potato mash
• Homemade cranberry sauce (paleo-friendly)
• Roasted or sautéed brussels sprouts with proscuitto
• Paleo pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream or coconut cream
• Paleo apple crisp
No one complains!
How do you approach the holidays and what are your favorite go-to dishes?
Stay tuned for a post on “cheats” and when to “indulge.”

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