Three Meals from ONE!

Who doesn’t want to make meal planning and dinner prep easier? I know I always do. It’s important to me to provide nutrient dense, delicious meals for my family, and while I love to cook, I don’t always love to spend hours in the kitchen. This post will show you how you can create three tasty meals building off of one crockpot dish to make your week easier.



Herbs de Province Slow Cook Chicken


It all starts with my super easy Herbs de Province Slow Cook Chicken. I love how quick this dish is to throw together in the morning. Seasoning some chicken thighs and chopping a few veggies is all it takes. To make my days easier, it’s all about repurposing this chicken. I triple the meat that I need for this one meal so that when the crockpot timer goes off I can separate 2/3 of the meat for two more meals.


One third goes towards this Crispy Chicken Arugula Salad (possibly my favorite flavored salad combo). Using two forks I shred the meat I have set aside from the Herbs de Province Slow Cook Chicken and place it in a tupperware. The next night it’s easy to throw together this delicious salad.




I take the remaining third chicken thighs from the crockpot and chop them up, placing in another tupperware for a dinner of Quick Fix Chicken Tacos.




We recently hosted a cooking class for a local boot camp to show this amazing group of women this very “three meals from ONE” strategy. It was a fun night of tip sharing, community building, and tasty food.






Life gets busy, and I know if you are reading this blog your intentions for feeding yourself and/or your family well are where they should be.

Now, what can you do to take action?

1) Commit to trying this very method over the next week and see if it helps reduce the time you spend in the kitchen, while also making you feel good about what you are eating.

2) Sign up for the Primal Peak e-newsletter for more tips, local classes, and time saving advice as we all share our strategies and help one another navigate a healthful lifestyle.

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