Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PRIMAL bacon!!
This is what “fresh side” pork looks like straight from the farm! No curing (no nitrates/nitrites), no processing!! I was a little intimidated before opening the butcher’s wrap. In fact, this cut of pork sat in our freezer for quite awhile. But today was the day and it turned out great. Of course, you can’t expect the same “bacon” we most accustomed to, but with a little sea salt and pepper, pan fried in coconut oil, it was really good! And the best part – we know where the meat came from (LOCAL) and how the pigs were raised (HEALTHY and happy).
Snack 1 (post workout):
Whey protein with water
Apple Pie Lara Bar
Unsweetened almond milk latte
Leftover grilled organic chicken breast (seasoned with lemon pepper and garlic pepper)
Leftover steamed asparagus
Celery with Walnut Red Pepper Dip (Sarah Fragoso, Everyday Paleo)
Snack 2:
Small bowl of leftover Pumpkin Chicken Chili (

Giant Stuffed Portobellos (Sarah Fragoso, Everyday Paleo)
Mashed butternut squash (look for butternut squash with the deepest “orange color”)
Note: The portobellos were amazing! I ended up using “Brat Hans” brand of Italian Chicken sausage instead of “spicy pork italian sausage” (as the recipe called for) because the only pork italian sausages I could find in the meat department had ingredients I was trying to avoid right now. The “Brat Hans” chicken sausage in this flavor, seemed to have better “paleo” ingredients, so I figured I give them a shot. The flavor was great, but probably a touch drier than this dish would be with the pork sausage. 

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